Veneers are the most ecological and economical use of wood

Tradition since several centuries
Veneers are thin sheets of wood obtained from a log by peeling, slicing or sawing. Veneer has been used as a surface material for over 3000 years. In ancient Egypt around 1400 BC, wood was so rare that trunks were cut into the thinnest possible boards and applied to less beautiful wooden surfaces. Veneer experienced a boom in the Baroque period. Particularly beautiful wood pictures were produced at that time with inlays and other techniques. Today's method of producing veneer, the slicing technique, was invented in the 19th century. Since then veneer has been produced industrially.

Veneers radiate value and individuality
Today, because of its sustainability and resource-saving properties, veneer is used as a surface material for decorative purposes. Veneer radiates value, distinctiveness, individuality and authenticity. Veneer is used as a particularly decorative surface not only for furniture, doors and instruments, but also in the interior design of concert halls, banks and offices. The colour nuances and grains in the veneer are unique.

Special care in the production of veneers
The quality of our veneers is based on our experience in selecting the right logs and on our technical expertise in production. Only a professional can recognize, which logs are the best for further processing into veneer. From tree to tree, the expert decides how to cut and then how to slice. Wood type, growth and log diameter influence the selection, which requires care and competence.

Veneer at Holz-Schnettler Soest
With us you can choose from a wide range of veneers. From trendy oak veneers in all variations, starting with plain riftware, to top interior logs, beam oak from old well-stored beams, knotty oak and fine walnut, wild olive, elegant paldao, Bubinga Pommelé full of character to noble smoked eucalyptus. Our assortment comprises a total of over 100 wood species. We stock veneers in standard and special thicknesses.


African Lemon
Afzelia Doussie BipiAlderAmaranth
BasswoodBeechBirchBlack Frake
Black RoseCerejeiraChestnutCoco Oak
DouglasEbony "african"Ebony "Amaro"Ebony "Macassar"
PinePine CarolinaPine OrgeonPlatane
SapeliSapgumSassafrasSilky Oak


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