European Wood

We run a huge inventory of European Hardwoods

More than 100 years of experience
The origin of our company dates back to the year 1915 when we only traded European woods. This segment is still of great importance today. Accordingly we have a large stock of European hardwoods that will last for several years. Our storehouse capacity in oak is about 7000 m3. We have oak in different forms, namely logs, sawn timber, edged timber and beams.

Purchasing of European timber according to strict quality standards
When purchasing European hardwoods, we make a strict quality grading that has been proven for years. In the European hardwood segment we rely on individually selected logs from the best growing areas in Germany and France. We cut these woods according to the needs of our customers. Our woods thicknesses range from 20 mm to 100 mm. We only offer our customers Slavonic Oak for edged goods: The selection and processing are carried out on site by our employees.



Care during drying ensures perfect quality

In order to be able to supply our customers with perfect quality at all times, we invest a lot of time and effort in wood care. We use the best corrugated stack slats for our light lumber to avoid marks and discoloration. At our location in Soest we have a large storage area and built a new depot especially for air drying a few years ago. In order to guarantee high-quality goods, we also pre-dry our timber to 25-30 % M.C. in our warehouse. Our sawn timber is then gently technically dried to 8-12 % M.C. Only in this way we can achieve the crack-free and colourfast KD goods desired by the customer.

Due to our large stock of European hardwoods we can supply you immediately regardless of whether the containers for our overseas customers are loaded at our premises in Soest or directly in the sawmill.
Our many years of experience enable us to respond individually to our customers´ needs.

European Wood

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