Exotic Wood

Decorative woods from Africa, Asia and South America
In addition to European hardwoods and wood from the USA, Holz Schnettler Soest also offers a large variety of tropical woods, in particular from West Africa. We import
selected logs from Africa and Asia.
Tree species from South America, Asia and Africa are particularly resistant to moisture and are therefore well suited as decking and garden wood without requiring special treatment.

Their particularly beautiful grains and colors make tropical woods attractive and versatile. African woods in particular are very decorative due to their striking color appearance and are always used where a beautiful appearance is required - for example in furniture production or in the manufacture of musical instruments.

Reliable delivery, high quality
In our purchasing countries we employ competent and experienced employees who take care of the processing, quality management and quality control of the timber.
In this way, we can guarantee a reliable supply with consistently high quality. The exotic woods are shipped worldwide directly from ports in the countries of origin. We then store the wood in our warehouses in Bremerhaven and Soest. We have a total of more than 35 different types of wood in stock as logs, boules and edged sawn timber, air-dried and carefully kiln-dried.

When importing exotic woods, Holz Schnettler Soest takes great care to ensure that the wood comes from legal logging and has therefore submitted to the regulations of the European Timber Regulation (EUTR).

Exotic Wood

KotoLimbaBlack OframMakassar
MovingueNiangonPadoukPao Rosa
Purple HeartSantos PalisanderSapeliSipo
Zebranou. v. m.


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